Zombie Response Team

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Prerequisites: To attend you must have completed Liberty Firearms Academy's Tactical Pistol Operator or Urban Pistol Operator Classes. Please do not sign up if you have not completed the prerequisites, your class will be cancelled and refunded.

Umbrella Corp. is hiring armed security contractors to gain control of a recent viral outbreak. The majority of the populace have been infected through contaminated drinking water or attacks by infected and were driven by the virus mental degradation to commit brutal homicides and cannibalism through a process known as 'zombification'. Upon entering the CDC imposed exclusion zone, you will be given your Umbrella Corp. Armed Contracting ID's to begin coordinated operations to euthanize the infected. Join our team of professional armed security contractors today and help us preserve the health of the people.

Course Outline:

  • Do not become infected
  • Rescue uninfected civilians
  • Euthanize the infected population

Required Equipment:

  • Magazine-fed Pistol ( No revolvers)
  • 3 magazines minimum
  • Belt mounted magazine pouch
  • Belt mounted dominant side holster
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Weather-appropriate clothing & footwear that allows for athletic movement.

Estimated Round Count: 250 rounds fmj + 100 rounds compressed copper frangible