5 star rating  I spent many years in the military and the training there does not prepare you for a defensive shooting situation, but Liberty Firearms Academy does. The training is eye opening. Things you never really thought about are realized. Not only do you learn how , but why! There is more to this than just training your body , but also training your mind. This is a very dynamic training center. Start with the basics and work yourself up from there. I have seen such growth in both myself and my wife’s skill level. Mike and his instructors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you brother.

thumb Sonnie ( Army Veteran )

5 star rating  This review is written on behalf of myself, an 8 year Army veteran with 3 years of security experience and my co worker and friend, Ryan who is also a 21 year retired Army veteran with 3 years of armed security experience. Let me start by saying the level of training we received at Liberty Firearms Academy is unlike anything we have ever received . Mike has a unique way of introducing the appropriate levels of realistic stress while offering unmatched coaching to develop your confidence level and building muscle memory. The course uses well thought out execution of the crawl, walk, run phases. Regardless of your knowledge level with firearms, you will learn things you did not know. Liberty Firearms Academy offers world class professional training and unbelievably affordable rates. We will be students of LFA for years to come.

thumb Dave & Ryan ( Army Veterans & Armed Security Contractors )

5 star rating  Secret Service here I come!! Walking into the Women’s Defensive Handguns Course, was one of the scariest moments of my adult life. I had never really handled a gun and was terrified of their power. Mike and Jason sat down with my classmates and I, and taught us with an energy and enthusiasm that gave us the confidence to accomplish what, for me, seemed like the impossible. They were so patient with our questions and explained things in a way that made my experience change from intimidating and scary to empowering and downright exciting! I can’t say enough good things about Liberty Firearms Academy. I highly recommend to anyone from the seasoned shooter right down to the timid shooter, like myself. Such a wonderful resource we have at our fingertips right here in Central Maine!

thumb Jana ( secret service agent in training )

5 star rating  The class today was just spectacular. In my 21 years in law enforcement, and have trained twice a year I have never had the confidence that was created today. The style and technique were excellent. Thanks again, Mike I’ll be back.

thumb Kevin ( Law Enforcement )

5 star rating  If your looking for an extremely educational and eye opening experience ..... this is the place!!! A friend and I recently completed the Home Defense Force on Force 101 and came away very impressed! Between being informed of many laws and logistics that are involved in the defense of one's home. We also learned what to do and what not to do if the situation every actually arose where you had to defend yourself and your family with deadly force. At all times in the class questions are welcomed and I had many. The actual force on force portion of the class left me very humbled. To be able to feel the stress/adrenaline/ anxiety being both the defender and the criminal is truly mindblowing. Being shown how to move through rooms and doorways and how to clear rooms was amazing!!! If you want to be more prepared for a home defense situation you need to take this course. I highly recommend it!!!

thumb Doug ( Tattoo Artist )

5 star rating  I highly recommend taking classes with Mike. As a woman that knew nothing about guns and nervous to learn, Mike was extremely patient and easy going. He is very calm and encouraging. What I liked most was his methodical approach to teaching gun safety, target practice, and how to protect my home through the Force on Force class. When I need to use my gun my repetition in training just happens and I can really think about other things. I feel very comfortable and safe having guns in my house for protection. If you're looking for someone very kind and experienced to teach you then you're on the right website. Give Mike a call as I'm sure you'll enjoy the education as I have.

thumb Cathy ( Veterinarian & Business Owner)

5 star rating  Honestly where do I begin. From the extremely talented owner/trainers to the amazing ground and environment.This place is all you need to get your education and safety as well as confidence and drive.When you are here you are not felt to be belittled or un educated, you are guided at your own pace and the instructions are at your personal level. I started training with Mike about 6 months ago (maybe longer)... I've received multiple certifications but on top of that it is the confidence that he distills in you and the sence of security it gives you- From the informational pieces, to the physical range Mike knows his stuff- When you can leave a place feeling so empowered and educated- there is no star rating high enough for what you get at LFA!

thumb Tiffany ( Tech Expert )

5 star rating  Had a great class today. I literally can’t say enough good things about this Academy. I feel way more confident with every aspect of my firearm and using it. It’s always fun always super knowledgeable and taught by an amazing instructor. Look forward to taking many more courses and furthering my development with firearms. Thank you for the great range day.

thumb Zane ( Armed Security Contractor & Navy Veteran )

5 star rating  I can’t say enough good things about LFA. Mike and Jason are fantastic instructors and give you the knowledge to be able to keep you and your family safe. I went in to this handgun 101 class to become more familiar and comfortable with my handgun and came out of this class with not only that but so much more. I highly recommend LFA and I can’t wait to go back to take my next class!

thumb Kate ( RN & Phlebotomist )

5 star rating  Liberty Firearms Academy has always treated me with the utmost care and respect. Mike, the founder, is a one-of-a-kind person and a fantastic instructor. In my time with Mike, he has always delivered a valuable and memorable experience. I am especially grateful for his ability to tailor his instruction to his audience. He can fluidly adapt his style to meet the different needs that my wife and I have. Learning and developing my skills with Liberty Firearms Academy is always a pleasure.

thumb James ( Business Owner )

5 star rating  I had an incredible experience at Liberty Firearms Academy today! I've been wanting to learn how to shoot and be able to protect myself and Ella when Brian is away for work. I went in very scared of the power from the gun and I'm embarrassed to say I cried after my first 3 shots. Mike was incredibly patient with me. I felt safe and more confident as he continued to work with me. This isn't just learning to shoot, he talked with us for two hours beforehand giving us an arsenal of knowledge.

thumb Candace ( Professional Artist )

5 star rating  My wife and I had the pleasure of starting classes with Mike a few years go. We want to thank Mike for passing on his knowledge and expertise regarding self defense and the proper use of firearms. The confidence inspired by Mike has left both my wife and I more prepared to deal with today's unfortunate issues. Thank you Liberty Firearm Academy.

thumb Mike ( retired CEO )

5 star rating  I had a great first and second experience at LFA! I'd never handled a hand gun before. My confidence is growing with each class I take. Mike is very knowledgeable and discusses real-world scenarios. I feel at ease knowing I have the tools to protect myself and my family. I highly recommend you educate yourself and be a warrior, not a victim. Thank you so much LFA! I’ll be back!

thumb Taryn ( Paralegal )

5 star rating  Sunday I took my first handgun class with Mike. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I feel much more comfortable with my shooting and confidence in the knowledge I took away from this class (handguns, safety, self defense, etc.) Though a bit nervous, Mike did a fantastic job with instruction and making me feel totally comfortable! I am hooked. Highly recommend this class for everyone!

thumb Dayna ( Salon Owner)

5 star rating  If you want to learn how to use and care for a firearm you need to contact LFA. Mike has the amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease while walking you through the methodical training of proper gun use. From the end of the first session I couldn't wait to set up the next one. I not only gained an enormous amount of confidence and knowledge but more importantly a loyal friend.

thumb Ron ( Contractor )

5 star rating  The training I've received from Mike at Liberty Firearms Academy has helped me gain the confidence I may need to protect myself and my family in any given situation. He gives a lot of attention to detail, using repetition to improve our form and technique. He thoroughly answers questions, helping us understand a lot of the legalities involved with certain situations and what to expect. The class is fun, helps build confidence, and hones your skills.

thumb Gary ( Navy Veteran )

5 star rating  Today I had my first woman’s handgun defense training with Mike and it was a very informative class! I learned a lot and had a lot of fun even though being nervous! I already feel way more comfortable when shooting my firearms and can’t wait to train more at the range in Madison, which is very nice and clean. Over all, the whole experience was supper professional and educational and I highly recommend Mike for all your firearm safety needs.

thumb Aryn ( Hair Stylist )

5 star rating  Not sure what to say other than this company is fantastic. I would recommend any course they offer here. Mike is very well educated and will take the time to work with you and help improve or fix a problem you might be having. Whether you are military, LEO, conceal carrier or just want to learn how to use a firearm this is the place to go. Having little to no experience with pistols, over the course of 3 hours my accuracy increased dramatically and I feel way more comfortable at being able to handle a pistol. Not only does this company offer handgun courses but other courses as well. As well as it’s very affordable. So if you want to learn anything with firearms this is the company to go with. Hands down zero regrets and thanks to a recommendation of a buddy of mine I 100% plan on returning here in the future and learning more.

thumb Marcus ( Army Infantry )

5 star rating  After being referred to Mike by a wonderful person, I took the Defensive Handgun 101 with Concealed Weapons Permit private course yesterday with him - I was thoroughly impressed and delighted! Mike is highly knowledgeable, informative and makes you feel comfortable regardless of your skill level. He really takes his time to break everything down for you to make sure you understand and don't have any questions. He was extremely supportive throughout the entire lesson and used numerous drills to help instill sound fundamentals. I left there with a big smile on my face and feeling much more empowered. I already can't wait to schedule another lesson! Pleasure meeting and working with you, Mike - I would highly recommend Liberty Firearms Acadamy to anyone of any experience level!

thumb Megan ( Business Manager )

5 star rating  I want to say “Thank you!” To Mike for another AMAZING training session today! I always leave feeling so much more confident in my skill level and abilities. Mike is an absolutely fantastic instructor and I would highly recommend his classes if you are a beginner or a more advanced shooter. I can’t wait for our next session!

thumb April ( Tech Expert )

5 star rating  Tucked away you'll find this spot and all its glory. I have basic gun knowledge when it comes to hand guns. I took one class with the instructor Mike and was both blown away with the information he provided us and the skills demonstrated. I plan to further my skillset here. I am excited to finally feel comfortable with hand guns. I would 100% sign up if you're a beginner like I was or even if you just want to brush up. I give LFA 5 stars !

thumb Eliza ( Credit Union )

5 star rating  I have taken a few classes with Mike, both force-on-force, and some concealed carry. Mike's talent for teaching and skill with firearms are a perfect combo any level of learning experience. I will continue to train with Mike frequently. I highly recommend Liberty Firearms Academy.

thumb Mark ( IT Specialist )

5 star rating  Mike's training has really helped my confidence in knowing how to safely handle my weapon, while improving my shooting technique and accuracy. I hope I never need to use the skills I've learned, but I sleep better at night now that I have them.

thumb Barb ( Sales )

5 star rating  I've been taking firearms training classes from Liberty Firearms Academy. Their classes are a must for anyone that conceal carries or wants to advance their personal defense skills. Mike's training methods and interactions with me made the class incredibly fun as well as extremely educational. He makes learning the fundamentals of defensive shooting easy to understand. His classes have given me the confidence that I can safely protect myself and my family in a variety of self defense situations. I would recommend taking Mike's classes to anyone looking to improve their firearms skills.

thumb Corey ( Tattoo Artist )

5 star rating  I had such a fun time yesterday at Liberty Firearms Academy! I walked in SO nervous even though I’ve been around guns my whole life, have shot before, I’ve had a super anxiety about guns since having kids. Mike was so patient and understanding and I left at ease. It was my first time shooting a handgun and it won’t be the last. To learn more confidence and protect my family in this scary world we live in is priceless. I cannot wait for the next class!

thumb Casey ( Stay at home Mom )

5 star rating  I took the women's class, learned so much and had a great time! Mike is very professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend his class to anyone!

thumb Kim ( Realtor )

5 star rating  The training was extremely professional, informative, and concise. No wasted time or energy. Great value for the important knowledge I received. I would recommend LFA for anyone interested in gaining knowledge and proper skills pertaining to firearms.

thumb Ryan ( Butcher )

5 star rating  Just left Mikes class! it was awesome! I feel so much more confident handling a firearm now! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

thumb Shaynna ( Armed Security )

5 star rating  Gained some confidence and faced my fear head on yesterday with Liberty Firearms Academy. Mike was a fabulous teacher and made us all feel at ease with his gentle but clear instruction.

thumb Loretta ( School Administrator )

5 star rating  When I read Liberty Firearms Academy likes to create a “unique learning environment” and also being recommended by a friend, I needed to check it out for myself. When I left my class today, I left with more confidence and empowerment in my skills and abilities with my handgun. With the unique learning environment I feel this a great place for training for anyone at any level of experience with firearms. I will definitely be coming back here for more classes. Thank you Mike for a great class!

thumb Brittaney ( Business Owner )

5 star rating  Mike was an awesome instructor and his class was well worth it ! I highly recommend Liberty Firearms Academy and plan to be attending more courses!

thumb Alyson ( Dog Rescue Owner & Fitness Consultant )

5 star rating  We took a force on force class with Mike and it was extremely informative. I will be taking more with him. If your looking for some good training Mike is the guy to see. Highly recommended!

thumb Jared ( Firearm Sales )

5 star rating  After 20 plus years in the military I was amazed at how many new skills and techniques I learned taking classes with Mike from Liberty Firearms Academy. I am truly thankful as it has made me a much more proficient shooter and defender of my loved ones. If you are not taking classes with Mike you are truly missing out.

thumb Anthony ( Army Veteran)