We provide expert security services to our clients in the United States. Corporations, schools, campuses, businesses, and private residences look to us for real world security solutions critical to business or personal risk in society today.

Threat Assessments of Physical Security & Vulnerability Analysis
Corporations, schools, campuses, small businesses and private residences look to us with confidence for threat assessments and security surveys. If you think your facility, location, campus, or house is secure, you will be surprised at what we discover and report. Security professionals know what separates victims from survivors is who has the better plan. We will provide you with that plan. Our detailed threat assessment and suggested solutions will become your security and safety baseline upon which to build true safety for your staff, faculty, or family. Don't wait for something to happen. Be proactive. The negative cascading effects of a serious incident could affect you or your business for a lifetime.

Family Lifestyle Threat Assessment
You are your families first line of defense, but to protect them you must have the proper security plan. You will be surprised at how vulnerable you and your family may be at work or at home. The first step is getting a Family Lifestyle Threat Assessment with suggested solutions, in which we design a comprehensive security program that actually works with your families lifestyle.
The comprehensive security program identifies risks, exposure to crime, and reactions to suspicious/criminal behavior during your families day to day life. Our security solutions will give you peace of mind to help protect your family from crime at home or out during normal life activities.
Training will involve situational awareness training, personal defense training, and optional training with "less lethal" self defense tools and firearms.

Security & Self Defense Training
With the current state of affairs here in the US with active shooters, terrorists, extremists, and workplace violence we pay great attention to the safety and security of businesses and staff.
We can customize self defense security solutions to your corporation, business, school, or campus. We offer superior threat based training, including the use of less lethal defense tools, firearms, and physical self defense training designed to meet the needs of all known and unknown potential threats that your facility or location may encounter.
We offer anything from 1 on 1 sessions to larger group sessions and can completely customize training to fit your needs and schedule. We utilize both a state of the art indoor facility and a multi acre outdoor facility for our specialized training. All training equipment and protection can be provided.

Situational Awareness Mindset Training
Our security professionals offer situational awareness and security mindset training for your staff, faculty, and employees. We work on overcoming the normalcy bias so your staff and faculty can make it home safe to their families. Through a mix of lecture and practical exercises we will show them how to become more aware and what to look for when out and about to avoid potential dangers. Your campus, school, or facility becomes more secure when the staff are situationally aware to the threat risks your business or school may face. Don't wait for something to happen. You need to be proactive in today's society. The negative cascading effects of a serious incident could affect you, your employees, and your business for a lifetime.