Women's Hand to Hand Combatives

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Our hand to hand self defense class is taught by certified instructors specializing in self defense training for bodyguards, armed contractors, and civilians.

We use a simplified process for inflicting a debilitating injury so that you can either neutralize the threat with your hands to then escape or transition to a firearm…

We start all of our classes in a crawl, walk, run format. We will discuss situational awareness to avoid conflict, then discuss techniques, then practice techniques slowly, then use the techniques full speed on a punching dummy.

We will give everyone who attends the mental and physical solutions to survive violent situations. Those that attend this class will understand no matter your conditioning, size, age or gender, you can systematically destroy any psychopath, violent attacker, or criminal with the right techniques and mindset.

​Course Outline:

  • Establishing survival mindset
  • Situational awareness training
  • Body language violence cues
  • Danger distances- the Tueller Principle
  • Understanding Debilitating Injuries
  • Proper Striking Techniques
  • Debilitating Injury Strikes
  • Pad and Dummy Drills
  • Stringing together your attack

Required Equipment:

  • Appropriate clothing & footwear that allows for athletic movement.
  • Pen & Paper