Vehicle Violence Force on Force

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This course allows students to experience real life self defense scenarios involving vehicles using the latest technology in simmunitions training firearms that fire composite projectiles creating unique levels of stress and moderate “pain penalties”.
This type of Force on Force training with allow students to learn and be thoroughly tested in mindset, situational awareness, and decision making capabilities.

Students will experience real life violence scenarios that would occur in or around ones vehicle and be forced to make decisions. A review of the students performance will help emphasize sound tactics and application of the most safe and modern techniques.

Course Outline:

  • Maine State Law Review for Self Defense
  • Establishing survival mindset
  • Proper tactics when in and around vehicles during violent threats
  • Cover vs concealment for vehicles
  • Close quarter shooting in and around vehicles
  • Combative pistol techniques/ Weapons retention
  • Shoot / no shoot scenarios

Required Equipment:

  • Footwear for rapid movement & turning
  • Pants ( recommended over shorts )
  • Long sleeve shirt ( optional )

Each participant will be provided with additional appropriate safety equipment including safety mask with ballistic goggles, protective cups, neck protectors, gloves, sims training firearms,  and composite projectiles.