Tactical Rifle Operator

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This course focuses on advanced rifle fighting systems techniques. This course specifically teaches systems that cannot normally be taught in traditional square box ranges. We will teach you a variety of skills that will allow you to shoot under a variety of scenarios and stress conditions. We use a variety of drills to enhance and develop rifle
marksmanship and manipulation skills as well as the combat mindset required to survive and prevail in life threatening events.

Course Outline:
    Maine State Law Review for Self Defense
    Establishing survival mindset
    Dynamic Shooting Technique 
    Improvised shooting positions
    Moving and Engaging
    Multiple Targets Engagements
    Cover vs Concealment Drills
    Low-light shooting
    Close quarter shooting
    Close quarter shooting around the vehicle

Required Equipment:
    Rifle/ Carbine/ Pistol Carbine with Brace
    Magazine Fed Pistol ( No Revolvers )
    3 magazines per firearm ( minimum )
    Belt mounted Holster
    Single Point Sling or Two Point Sling
    Eye and Ear protection (electronic preferred)
    Sturdy belt
    Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear for athletic movement.

Duration: 4 hours
Cost : $150 per person
Estimated Round Count: 300 rounds rifle, 100 rounds pistol