DI-Defense Hand to Hand Combatives

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Our hand to hand self defense class is taught by certified instructors one a Krav Maga Instructor and the other teaches Specialized Self Defense Training to Bodyguards, Armed Contractors, and Civilians.

We have created simplified process for inflicting a debilitating injury so that you can either neutralize the threat with your hands to then escape or transition to a firearm…

We start all of our classes in a crawl, walk, run format. We will discuss situational awareness to avoid conflict, then discuss techniques, then practice techniques slowly, then go 100% on a punching dummy.

We will give everyone who attends the mental and physical solutions to survive violent situations. Show them , no matter your conditioning, size, age or gender, you can systematically destroy any psychopath, violent attacker, or criminal.

​Course Outline:

  • Establishing survival mindset
  • Situational awareness training
  • Body language violence cues
  • Danger distances- the Tueller Principle
  • Understanding Debilitating Injuries
  • Proper Striking Techniques
  • Debilitating Injury Strikes
  • Pad and Dummy Drills
  • Stringing together your attack

Required Equipment:

  • Appropriate clothing & footwear that allows for athletic movement.
  • Pen & Paper

Duration: 3 hours
Cost : $12 per person