Defensive Concealed Carry

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Prerequisite: This is not a beginner level class. The student needs to know and be able to demonstrate safe gun handling, weapon system familiarity, foundational marksmanship skills, and working from a holster. We strongly recommend completion of our Defensive Handgun or Defensive Handgun Advanced Class prior to registering for this course.

Our Defensive Concealed Carry Class is approved with the Maine State Police for your Maine Concealed Weapons Permit. This course is designed for the individual with knowledge and proficiency in proper handgun shooting fundamentals.

This is not a target shooting class, it’s learning to use your firearm in a realistic way to fight for your life and specifically addresses Concealed Carry issues.

The course will focus on knowledge needed to carry a concealed pistol and will stress the proper mechanics in every aspect of concealed carry from mindset, to proper holster selection, to drawing techniques and firing accurately under stress.

Course Outline:

  • Survival Mindset for concealed carry
  • Selecting concealment gear
  • Concealed carry techniques
  • Proper Drawing from concealment
  • Engaging from concealment
  • Concealed carry drills
  • Multiple Threat Engagements
  • Close Threat Engagements
  • Retention Shooting
  • Admin, Speed and Tactical Reloads

Required Equipment:

  • Your chosen concealed carry handgun
  • 3 magazines (optional- belt mounted magazine pouch)
  • Belt mounted Concealment Holster
  • Clothing that will conceal your firearm
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear that allows for athletic movement.

Estimated Round Count: 200 rounds